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Here’s why you should join: generates thousands of mortgage leads who are looking to purchase, renew or refinance their mortgage across Canada. Our dedicated team will qualify every lead that comes through our system to ensure you receive high-intent mortgage leads at an optimal low cost.

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    • Spend less time prospecting and more time closing deals
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    • Reduce your acquisition costs and diversify your channel mix across provinces
    • Have the flexibility to decide on the volume of leads you want by province and mortgage type
    • It’s not only leads, we will help you convert the leads with coaching tips and best practices
    • A turn-key solution; simple and secure lead transfer process that includes consumer consent

    Big banks and top brokers are already getting quality leads at optimal cost by working with us.

    With the rise of inflation costs for high intent mortgage keyword clicks on Google and Meta, is your solution to acquire high converting and qualified leads at a reduced cost — Increasing your profitability and return on investment.

    How do we do it? With strategic marketing tactics focused on mortgage shoppers.

    We start by delivering mortgage shoppers a simple, clear and transparent experience to help them find the best mortgage solution and reduce their monthly mortgage payment in a high rate environment.

    With over 25 years of strategic marketing, our growth marketing team leverages performance media expertise and AI technology to optimize bidding, creativity, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and SEO through an algorithm that offsets the competition using the right media mix.

    About us: Brightwise

    Helping consumers and financial services business connect

    Brightwise Media, Inc. is a proud Canadian-founded financial marketplace and a lead generation service that delivers results for consumers and businesses in the financial service sector. 

    How do we do this? Right now, our financial marketplace makes comparing and finding low mortgage rates easy-as-can-be for Canadian homeowners to save on monthly payments. By providing access to 20+ top banks, lenders, and brokers in Canada, we get you the best rates in one shot.

    Here is our financial marketplace properties:

    English Canada 

    Quebec French

    The second arm of  Brightwise Media Inc is our Mortgage Lead Generation service—centered on helping brokers, lenders, and financial services to increase quality leads. 

    Our team of experts deliver results with a top-notch Martech stack that increases the volume and quality of validated mortgage and insurance leads. The outcome? Growth for your financial business at an efficient cost. 

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